Tea Tree Oil for Skin Tags Removal – Does it work?

removing skin tags using tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is becoming more and more effective to get rid of skin tags naturally. But the problem is, nobody knows how to use it to get instant result. Here is the in-depth tutorial to use tea tree oil oil for your skin-care problems.

removing skin tags using tea tree oil

Skin is one of most important part of human’s body. It is one of 5 sense organs so we need to preserve it. Skin Tags is the most common infection which can happen to anybody. Earlier it is perceived by everyone that Natural remedies are not capable of treating skin tags. Most of us used to buy chemicals, medicines and other oils to treat it. Now, it has proved in research that skin tags can be treated naturally. It is even said that most of over the counter drugs use natural remedies.

Using Tea Tree Oil to Get Rid of Skin Tags

It is proven fact that tea oil can cure skin tags. One can easily get tea leaves from tea trees which are known as MelaleucaAlternifolia. They can crush it and make oil of it. They can store the oil for later use also. Users should be cautious that they should not consume it orally but it may contain the toxic element. But it is proved that if it is applied on the skin it doesn’t cause any infections. Many medicines and drugs use this sample and incorporate this in their product.

Earlier some problems were seen because of consumption of this but research has proved that using skin oil on the body is completely saved and users can blindly trust it.

Three Best Tea Oils for removing skin tags are;

Apothecary Tea Tree oil, Radha Natural Tea Tree Oil, and First Botany Australian Tea Tree Oil.

How to Use Tea Tree Oil for Skin Tag Removal?

Tea Oil should be applied on those areas where a skin tag mostly appears. Research has shown that skin tags are mostly seen in Neck, Eyelids, Back, and Face, Groin area underneath and between the breasts. There are various methods of using this. Some of them are;

Natural Wart Removal Method

For using this method one needs cotton balls, adhesives bandage, and tea tree oil. One needs to wash the infected area properly with water. After this, one should soak cotton oil in tea tree oil which is prepared naturally. Then one should slightly and slowly apply this cotton ball to infected areas. The user should repeat this for 2-3 times a day and user should leave the skin for drying up.

Natural Skin Tag Removal Method

For using this method user will require lemon juice, cotton ball, apple cider vinegar, band- aid and tea oil. One needs to make a mixture of it. One needs to mix 5 drops of fresh lemon juice, 4 drops of raw apple cider vinegar and 3 drops of tea oil. One should then apply this mixture on the skin then and should fix cotton ball at the infected area. Then one should tie it with a band-aid to allow it to soak it. One should repeat this process for 3-5 times a day.

There is no side effect of this treatment but if one skin is very dry then he/she needs to be very careful while applying it. The solution basically depends on upon the chemical balance of the skin some user may feel that their skin is reddening and irritating. So, users should be careful while using it.

Tea Tree Oil and Skin Tags: Final Thoughts

It is 100% natural remedies so it is very cheap to implement. Chances of side effects are very less but it depends on usage. One should learn the method and should carefully use it and if still, one is getting the problem then they should consult a doctor or should use other medicines or oils. Tea tree oil is the best natural skin tag removal product, however result may varies for individual.

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