Skin Tags During Pregnancy – How to Treat Skin Tags

Skin tags can happen to anyone. Skin tags are extra pieces of skin formed in body parts that usually seen during Pregnancy. A skin tag usually happens at those places that have high chances of being under constant friction. They are are mostly not painful but often they are irritating. They need to be treated as they don’t get removed on their own. By and large, people succumb to two options; cutting off the extra skin part themselves which is risky or going to the dermatologist for skin treatment which is expensive. Skin tags are every common in pregnant women. They usually get skin tags during pregnancy.

removing skin tags during Pregnancy

What causes skin tags during pregnancy?

It is heredity but can happen to anyone and at any time. Skin Tags are found in research that during pregnancy various hormones are developed. There are some hormonal fluctuations during nursing which increase chances of skin tags. Skin Tag can also happen due to increasing friction due to increase in hormones. It usually happens during the second half of the pregnancy. Those who are over 50 years of age are more susceptible to it. Diabetics are most affected due to this.

Common place it appears during pregnancy

Mostly women get skin tags on their neck and face. Some skin tags grow under their breasts, arms and genital region. While some, women get skin tags in their groin or abdomen and they are not able to figure out that they got skin tags till the new borne baby is borne. Some new borne babies develop skin tags on the ear. It can be the cause of concern so it is seriously advised to visit a physician immediately or use Thuja occidentalis.

How to treat skin tags during pregnancy?

Skin tags can be removed easily if one visits a physician regularly. You can use essential oils to remove Skin tag and moles. Treatment of skin tags depends on its size and impact. Skin tags are usually sniffed off from scissors if they are small in size otherwise liquid nitrogen is used in a solution. Some burn off it with an electric needle. The worst part of skin tags is that it can grow again after being removed. Some person is very prone to skin tags and they develop skin tags regularly. There are various other treatments for skin tags. Some use Dermisil Cream, Tagband Tool and Skinprov advanced. Most doctors prefer to remove skin tags after the child is borne. Most skin tags don’t cause any pain and it is not advisable to treat it during pregnancy.

Do Skin Tags Go Away After Pregnancy?

Most skin tags go back automatically after the baby is delivered. If skin tag doesn’t go away then one contact dermatologist. Freezing is one of the quickest methods of removing skin tags. A skin tag usually doesn’t cause any pain. It causes some irritation when it is dangled while clothing. It take few months to fall off your skin tag that appeared during Pregnancy.


Becoming a mother is the dream of almost all women. Skin tags usually don’t cause any harm to mother or baby but precautions are necessary. If the skin tag is small in size and the controllable doctor usually advice to ignore it. The worst part of skin tags is that in can come back again and again. The good part it doesn’t cause any serious implications. Tree tea oil and other natural remedies effective and you should try that only to remove skin tag during pregnancy. If anyone faces any implication then one need to visit a doctor immediately without giving a second thought. As prevention is better than cure.

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