Skin Tag vs Wart vs Mole – Differences and Removal

Differences between Skin Tags, Moles and Warts

Mother Nature has equipped each one of us with some unique attributes that will make us feel special at any time of the day. Some have beautiful smiles, others boastadorable sky blue eyes and lovely hair, but the fact is that we’re really a miracle of the nature regardless of our physical characteristics.

wart vs skin tag vs moles

On the other side, there’s a price we have to pay for being what we really are. Our imperfections are a part of our everyday life as well, with skin growths being one of the most common and irritating physical flaws. And even though the majority of us identify all skin growths as ‘little things on the skin’, there are some obvious differences between skin tags, moles and warts.

Skin tags are small benign growths that can be found on any part of the body, though they usually form in areas where skin forms creases, such as the armpit, neck and groin (or anal skin tag). You can easily recognize them as they ‘hang off’ your skin and measure approximately 3-4 millimeters in diameter.

Warts are commonly found on the hands or feet and their main characteristics are hardness and a color that is very similar to the skin. As is the case with skin tags, warts are completely harmless. You can get a rid of that using wart remover.

Moles are mostly brown or black spots that can appear anywhere on the skin. They start to appear in the early childhood and have a tendency to change as the years pass.

How to Naturally Remove Skin Tags, Moles and Warts?

If you’re suffering from any skin growths, there’s fortunately no need to use aggressive methods to get rid of them as natural ways are much more efficient and completely safe as opposed to the chemical-based product i.e H-skin tag Formula.

Apple cider vinegar is the number one home remedy to remove warts from your skin. It is also very easy to use as all you need to do is dab the warts with apple cider vinegar at the end of the day and cover them with a bandage. If this doesn’t work for you, try using garlic juice or raw honey – it may seem weird, but these methods are very efficient.

Warts can be removed by applying fresh pineapple or potato straight to the surface of the skin. Lemon peel, as well as the tea tree oil, might do the job and help you get rid of vagina skin tags.

Not only do bananas feel tasty, but they can also be highly efficient when it comes to removing moles from your skin. Once you’ve eaten a banana, put the peel on the mole with the outer part facing upwards. Apple cider vinegar, garlic and apple juice will work with moles as well.

Why Is Revitol the Best Supplement to Get Rid of Skin Tags?

Revitol is an all-natural cream based on plant extracts and an active ingredient Thujaoccidentalis, an evergreen tree also known as the northern white-cedar. It promises to remove skin tags in under 14 days without harming your skin or leaving any visible scars. Revitol is the best alternative if you don’t fancy experimenting with different home remedies as it contains all the necessary ingredients for effective skin tag removal.

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