Laser Skin Tag Removal: Cost, Side Effect, Reliability

Laser Skin Tag Removal Cost, Side Effect and Reliability. Skin tags, also called Acrochordon are small skin flaps, hanging off and connected to an underlying skin by a tiny stalk. It is harmless but can cause a certain measure of discomfort, especially as it occurs in places where clothing rubs against the skin such as the underarms, upper chest, neck, and groin.They can affect any person at any age or race.However, they frequently occur in adults as they grow older and are commonly found in people over the age of 50.

What is Laser Skin Tag Removal?

laser skin tag removal treatment

Despite the fact that skin tags do not pose any health risk, a lot of people would give anything to have them removed as soon as possible because of their unappealing appearance.There are a lot of different ways that can be used to remove skin tags, and one of them is the use of lasers.

This procedure involves the use of lasers to burn off the skin tags from your body.

Does Is Really Work?

Yes using lasers to rid your body from skin tags works, but it is a risky procedure that may prop up some side effects and does not always work for all patients.  Some disadvantages of using laser surgery to treat skin tags are listed below:

  1. It requires the use of a mild anesthetic or numbing agent on your skin.
  2. Laser treatment may need more than one session.
  3. It may be painful.
  4. The wounds may be slow to heal and may develop tenderness and redness around it.
  5. You may have to give constant attention to the injury as there is a slight risk of infection which could lead to pus oozing from the site.
  6. Finally, It may be very costly.

Cost of Laser Skin Tag Removal?

The cost of using a laser to remove skin tags varies, depending on the clinic you use. However, most clinics usually charge a whopping $200 – $350 to remove one or two skin tags close to each other.

Since laser treatment is termed a cosmetic procedure, it is not covered by insurance companies. when  you choose to remove your skin tags via laser treatment, you will be paying entirely from your pocket!

If you are thinking of the cost of laser surgery procedure, the risks and side effects that may occur by exposing your body to lasers, then consider removing skin tags with the help of natural creams such as revitol. If you follow the instructions strictly, you should be able to rid yourself of skin tags in no time.

Revitol Skin Tag Cream is the Best Alternative to Laser Treatment

Revitol Cream is made from 100% natural plant extracts and can eliminate any skin tags safely while being gentle on your sensitive skin. It is also cheaper than laser surgery with cost around the $20-$50 range per bottle. Apply Revitol Cream to the skin tags daily,and you will notice that, the skin tags would start shrinking in size, removing the risk of cutting via shrapnel or lasers.

Since Revitol Cream only uses natural plant extracts and homeopathic in formulation with no harsh chemical ingredients added, it is safe for use on both sensitive and normal skin. Most individuals that follow the instructions on using the product will start seeing results after 14 days with some persons starting to observe changes as early as 7-10 days.

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