Can You Buy illuminatural 6i from Amazon, Walmart?

Do you want to buy Illuminatural 6i from Walmart and Amazon like stores? Wait! Read this page before you decide.

The Illuminatural 6i Cream was formulated to specifically treat this widely popular problem of dark spots. It contains a variety of ingredients which specifically target skin problems like acne, Birth Marks, Freckles, Moles, Melasma Marks, Pregnancy marks and of course sun burns.

buy Illuminatural6i from walmart and amazon

The cream works wondrously on all the spots that cause hyper pigmentation due to high production of Melanin.

Why to Buy illuminatural 6i Cream?

  • Works On All Kinds Of Spots: Unlike most other creams of its kind which act on a specific skin problem, the illuminatural 6i cream works on all manners of skin defects, be it sun spots, scars, acne, freckles, pregnancy marks etc.
  • 100 Percent Hydroquinone Free: Most bleaching creams contain hydroquinone. This compound has the potential of damaging the pigment cells in your skin and can cause a lot of complications like cancer.

However, with the illuminatural 6i cream you do not have to worry about all that because it is completely free of hydroquinone.

  • Eradicates Dead Cells: Killing pigmented cells is not enough. They must be completely eradicated, so that new cells can be generated on the skin’s surface. The illuminatural 6i cream speeds up this process.
  • It is Not sticky

Unlike most other creams out there, the illuminatural 6i cream is not sticky. It allows the skin to breathe which is very important.

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Main Ingredients

  • Alpha Arbutin

This Ingredient acts as a substitute for Hydroquinone. In case you do not know, Hydroquinone is a very dangerous ingredient which can cause cancer if used consistently.

The Alpha Arbutin is far more efficient and does not pose any health risk/ hazard and as a result it is much safer in Skin lightening than Hydroquinone.

  • Delivery Agents

The delivery agents carry the specific function of assisting in fast and sufficient absorption of the cream into the skin.

The Illuminatural 6i cream consists of Hydrolite 5 and SymGlucan which act as its delivery agents.

  • Magnesium Abscorbyl Phosphate (MAP)

This ingredient performs the important and unique role of protection of the skin against Ultra Violet radiations from the Sun. It also assists in skin repair and brightens the skin.

  • Niacinamide

The ingredient helps improve the general appearance of the skin as well as improving the skin tone.

  • Sodium Lactate

Sodium Lactate facilitates and speeds up the removal of the dark spots on the skin

  • Whitonyl

Whitonyl is capable of reducing melanin on the skin up to 52 percent.

How to Use Illuminatural 6i?

The cream is remarkably easy to use.

  • Apply a small amount of the cream on the affected areas of the skin.
  • Make sure to apply it slowly in a circular motion for it to be properly absorbed into the skin.
  • Apply the cream twice daily (Preferably in the morning and evening) for quick results.

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Can you get lluminatural 6i from Amazon, Walmart?

Yes you can order it from Walmart, Amazon, eBay, CVS, Walgreens and other stores. However it is not advisable. It is far better and more assuring to purchase the cream from their official website which will ensure you receive a legitimate product.

If you are interested in buying Illuminatural 6i cream and you are probably stashing you cash in your wallet to run to the store, don’t bother.

You might not get it in stores. However, you can purchase it from their official website.

How to Order it online?

To order online simply click this link which will take you to their official website ( Click “Order Online” fill in the requirements and relax till your order gets to your doorstep. They offer worldwide shipping, so no need to worry about the delivery.

Hope your doubts on buying Illuminatural 6i cream at Amazon and Walmart are cleared now! If you still have any query, please add your comment here.

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