Boots Cryotag Skin Tag Removal Cream Review

Boots Cryotag Skin Tag Removal Cream Review: Don’t let the rather uninspiring choice for a company name give you a wrong idea about what this is all about. Even though ‘Boots’ in no way sounds like a name of the company that serves you and your beauty, it is indeed a pharmacy-led and a beauty retailer with the headquarters in Nottingham, United Kingdom.

Cryotag boots skin tag remover review

There are loads of useful products sold by Boots, though the one that interests us the most is the Cryotag Skin Tag Remover, a 100% safe and effective skin tag remover. It promises to remove unwanted skin growths in as much as 1 treatment, which translates to around two weeks of active usage. During that period, your skin is completely preserved and there should be no visible scars as Cryotag targets skin tags only.

Boots Cryotag Skin Tag Remover Review

Cryotag Skin Tag Remover uses the same technology as used by professional doctors and dermatologists – cryotherapy. The principle is very simple; the very core of the skin tag is frozen by Cryotag, which causes the skin tag to fall off in just a couple of days (14 days is the period during which all skin tags should fall off). This is a very successful method and it doesn’t leave any scars on your skin. [Check also bioclear review]

The main feature of Cryotag Boots cream is definitely its effectiveness. It basically removes skin tags within a couple of days and you don’t have to spend more than 5 minutes a day using it to get rid of your number one enemy.

With Cryotag, there is no need for risky surgeries or unpleasant visits to your doctor’s office just to blush in front of him the moment you start talking about your problem. You can now easily get rid of skin tags without getting in touch with medical staff.

How to Use It to Remove Skint Tag?

It is recommended to read the instructions leaflet before proceeding to the following steps. Once you’ve got familiar with all the important details, follow these steps to properly use Cryotag:

  1. First attach the applicator stick by twisting it into the opening on the bottom of the cap.
  2. Hold the canister facing upwards, press the cap and hold it for 3 seconds – you should hear a certain sound coming from it.
  3. Wait for approximately 15 seconds until the right temperature is reached.
  4. This is the most important step. Grasp the skin tag with the tweezers and gently pull it away.
  5. Apply the applicator tip to the stalk of the skin tag for 40 seconds.

Don’t worry if your skin turns white, it’s a natural reaction and a sign that the product works. You should also check h skin tags formula review and tips.

How and Where to Buy Boots Cryotag Cream?

If you’re located in the United Kingdom, Ireland, or any other country where shipping is available, you should definitely place an order through the international Boots website. Before proceeding to checkout, it is important to check whether you’ll be able to enjoy their services in your country as, unfortunately, not every single country gets the same treatment. You may also be able to find it on sale on Amazon, so make sure to take a look there as well.

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