How to Care Skin Tags Bleeding – How to Stop It?

How to Care Skin Tags Bleeding and How to stop it? Skin tags, which are small outgrowth on one’s skin are small and harmless skin tissue growing on your otherwise smooth skin. They are caused, mostly by the friction of the skin with adjacent skin or with clothing. They are nothing to worry about, aside from when they become annoying, embarrassing, and painful or begin to bleed.

care for skin tags bleeding issue

Skin Tag Bleeding – What is it?

There are rare cases, where skin tags develop into a painful mass or even begin to bleed. In the majority of the cases, bleeding occurs when the skin tags are not removed properly or without the help of a doctor.

Causes of Skin Tags Bleeding

Since skin tags are a part of your skin, they have blood in them. When such tags are cut or scratched off, bleeding will occur.Skin tags may also bleed as a result of it been injured by zippers or when one is getting dressed. Most of the time, the bleeding is minimal, and it will stop quickly. However, sometimes the skin tag may be located near a vein, and this would cause it to bleed more severely.

How to Treat Skin Tags Bleeding Problem?

A bleeding skin tag is vulnerable to bacterial infection. Therefore you should try to heal it. To stop skin tag bleeding, apply pressure to the spot, where the skin tag was just removed. The longer the pressure applied, the quicker it takes for the vein to clot and stops bleeding. Avoid wearing tight clothing or jewelry around bleeding skin tags as it would only aggravate the blood flow. However, in cases where the skin tag is located at places where you wear tight clothing or jewelry rubs on it, put a Band-Aid on it

Dos and Don’t Dos with Skin Tags While Bleeding

The following recommendations are those who experience bleeding from skin tags.


  1. Do not wear jewelry around bleeding skin tags.
  2. Do not wear tight clothing around bleeding skin tags.
  3. Don’t for costly skin tags removal process. At first try to remove it naturally with home remedies and creams.


  1. Apply salvon cream or an antibiotic to reduce the risk of infections.
  2. Wash skin tag wound and apply gauze bandage on it daily
  3. Make sure to use proper method to get a rid of skin tags.

How to Remove Skin Tags Naturally to Avoid Bleeding?

You can remove skin tags without worrying if they would bleed, using several natural ways. You could use essentials oils or tie off the tag with a thread. These methods work by cutting off blood supplies to the skin tag. The tag would get darker and subsequently fall off.

You can remove skin tags naturally using:

  1. Australian Tea Tree Oil: This is a very potent essential oil that can dry out a skin tag, reducing the risk of cutting or bleeding.
  2. TagBand Skin Tag Removal Device: This involves tying a Tagband Device at the base of the skin tag. It will stop the blood supply, and after a few day, skin tag will turned black and fall off.

Remember that skin tag is essentially harmless and is not covered by medical insurance. If it isn’t an embarrassment for you, no need doing anything about it, so as not to risk infection due to a bleeding skin tag.

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