Best Ways to Cutting Of Skin Tags

Skin tags don’t attract your attention because they are pleasant to your eyes, but because they are a bit creepy. They are pink, small and unwanted growths on your beautiful body. Skin tags can appear on any part of your body anytime. If it happens to you, you’ll surely want to get rid of them as soon as you can.

cutting down your skin tags

At one point in life, you’ll probably get skin tags. They are especially common for older people. However, if you are young and attractive and you are facing this problem, you might have already thought about cutting them by yourself. You can get rid of skin tag using nail polish.

There’s no need to rush straight to your doctor’s place, since you can cut off skin tags at your home without any problems.

What Do You Need to Cut Skin Tag?

As we’ve already written, cutting off skin tags is an easy job since they are completely harmless (benign tumors). However, safety should be your priority, since skin tags can get infected if you don’t do the job properly.

In order to cut skin tags, you need some basic things which you probably have at home. These include scissors or scalpel, TagBand device, sticking plaster and alcohol (not necessary, just an option).

Best Ways to Cut off Skin Tags

It is necessary to wash and dry your hands and skin tag(s) during pregnancy before following the procedure.

  • Put the scissors or scalpel into the boiling water so they can get sterilized. You can also do this by cleaning them with alcohol.Leaving scissors 10 minutes in boiling water should be enough.
  • Next step is the crucial one. You need to put the scalpel as close to the skin as possible. Try to move the skin tag to the side so you can have the best angle to cut it off.
  • Cut the bottom part off the skin tag with one quick movement and put absorbent cotton on the spot. You’ll feel a sharp pain after you cut it off, but it will last just a couple seconds. For this reason, it is much better to do it as quickly as possible.
  • Remove the absorbent cotton after a few minutes and apply sticking plaster. You can take off the sticking plaster 24 hours after you’ve applied it.

Care and Precaution While Cutting Down Skin Tags

Even though skin tags aren’t hazardous to your health, taking them off could turn out to be quite risky. There’s always a chance that your skin will get infected. This could happen due to the non-sterilized tools, dirty hands, or simply as a reaction of your organism. Alternatively, you can use tag away skin tag removal cream.

When using sharp tools such as scissors and scalpel, you might also earn a scar. This could be especially annoying if it’s on a visible place. None of you would like to walk around with a noticeable scar, which could force you to think whether your decision to cut the skin tag off was the right one.

If anything goes wrong after cutting off skin tag, make sure to visit your doctor and ask him for help. When taking such an action at home, you’re always at risk of getting into a problematic situation. Remember, you carry the full responsibility for your actions. Think twice before deciding to cut off skin tags by yourself. I would suggest you to use best rated skin tag removal product instead.

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