My Skin Tag Turned Black Overnight and Fall Off – What to Do?

Skin tags are basically three colors; skin colour, black, brown or red.  A clotted skin may change color suddenly to black or purple. It might lead to irritated skin. This color changing happens due to inadequate blood supply to that area. Usually, it takes 3 to 10 days to fall off for such skin tags. If it takes several weeks, it is advisable to visit a dermatologist. Rarely, skin tags are a cause of concern for some serious disease and are self-diagnosable.

skin tag turned black overnight

Why Has your skin tag turned black overnight?

If the skin tag has turned black overnight, then it is not a cause for concern. You should be happy if it has turned black. A black skin tag means that the skin tag is not getting oxygen supply and is in the process of dying. This will eventually fall off giving you back your normal skin.

The question that must be on your mind now is how it has turned black when you have not done anything with it like going for a treatment or something. The answer to this lies in your sleep. We all twist and turn during our sleep. In this process, we might have twisted the skin tag and that made it get oxygen supply disconnected to it. It is similar to the process of tying off skin tags using Dermisil; when you tie a string around the affected area to get the oxygen supply stopped to that area. A skin tag just like any other part of your body can not survive without oxygen.

Black Skin Tag Fell Off On Its Own

Black skin tags fall off on their own. Now this skin tag becoming black might have happened prematurely. In that case, after the falling of black skin tag, you might be left with red skin or scar. The area might also become a bit tender. It takes weeks to get the normal skin in the affected area. But still, there are ways in which you can deal with it. Also, the steps ahead depend on the area where you are having a skin tag. Based on the visibility of it, you may choose to go further about it.

What to do when your Skin Tag Turned Black

Your skin tag might have turned black but if it doesn’t fall off on its own for more than 2 weeks then you need to consult a doctor. This might have happened due to touching that area by you. You might have irritated it and in that case, there would be reddening of skin around that area which would be uncomfortable for you. Some people are prone to getting skin tags due to genetic reasons. Some precaution should be taken while treating pregnancy skin tags an warts. Read my dedicated post for same.

Revitol Skin Tag Removal Cream

If you wish to take a quicker way and don’t wish to wait and wait for your skin tag to get vanished then you can go for skin tag removal cream like Revitol. It is completely natural and consists of tea tree oil. This ensures that there is no discomfort to you and the skin tag gets removed. It works for all skin types and ensures that the skin tag goes off under two weeks. You have to apply 1-3 drops of it to your skin tag around 3 times a day. More than 3 times a day is not required. The application has to be up to two weeks before the skin tag goes off.

So don’t get scared by the black skin tag you encountered just now, your normal skin might be just a step ahead! You can also use tagband device to remove your skin tag overnight.

How to Remove Skin Tags With Nail Polish

Nowadays skin tags become more common with your increasing age. A skin tag is composed of core fibers, different cell types and ducts. A skin tag is harmless, but it can become awkward under clothing while everyday activities.

remove skin tags with nail polish

Removing skin tag though nail polish aspires which product that you already have. Hence it is the best option within your budget. In this article, we will tell you step-by-step procedure to remove the skin tag with nail polish. It is an alternate method to Skin Tags Removal creams and products that are widely available in market.

Things Needed to Remove Skin Tags with Nail Polish

You will need some things to eliminate skin tags though nail polish.

  • Clean Towel
  • Nail Polish
  • Antibacterial Soap
  • Nail Polish Remover
  • Band-aids

Step by Step instruction to remove Skin Tags With Nail Polish

  1. Firstly, you have to clean the area with the help of antibacterial soap. Be careful, because you have to cover up the tag and also you won’t have any risk of affection. You can use Dermisil cream and other kind of products too.
  2. In the morning, you need to clean skin tag, after that put clear nail polish directly to the skin tag, make sure not to get it on any surrounding area of skin. Now, you have to put a band-aid over a particular area.
  3. Before getting to bed, you have to apply a second coat in a same way that described in the first point. Again, hide the skin tag though fresh band aid. It will take few minutes and start to work while you go to sleep.
  4. In the next morning, through nail polish remover remove first two coatings. It protects that new application will be extra productive because there won’t be single build-up. If there are various layers those covering skin tags, then fresh application can’t reach your target area.
  5. Repeat this process in morning and night for next two weeks, or repeat it according to your condition. Prepare yourself to continue this process. You should also try Tag away and other product.

Why isn’t Nail Polish Method work every time?

To get rid of skin tags with clear nail polish works successfully for some people but unfortunately for everyone. If you face that it does not work after few weeks of the application without losing either of two treatments daily, it is likely not going to be fruitful. Sometime it takes longer to fall off your skin tag and in most cases you cannot see the desired result.

The best way you can find out if any treatment is worthy for you is through error and trial because everyone retaliates differently to different treatments. If luckily it works, you can find skin tag turned black overnight.

Removing skin tag by nail polish is a free choice, but there are numerous effective treatments available like tea tree oil for skin tag. However, I would suggest you to use herbal and all natural product like Revitol for that task.

Why should you use Revitol Skin Tag Remover Instead?

There is no surety about what are the causes of skin tags, but people can develop at any time. Unfortunately, skin tags do not fall. For getting rid of skin tags, it must be removed, because it can be very painful in future. Removal of skin tag with recital skin tag removal formula can be done without any pain as well as in the privacy of your own house.

Revitol can remove all types of skin tags including one that appears during pregnancy and on genital parts.

TagBand Skin Tag Removal Device Review

TagBand Skin Tag Removal Device Review: Skin tags happen with every other individual. These are extra pieces of skin formed in those body parts that have chances of being under constant friction.

These skin tags could be painful and often times embarrassing but they are benign tumours. Also, they need to be treated as they don’t get removed on their own. By and large, people succumb to two options; cutting off the extra skin part themselves which is risky or going to the dermatologist for skin treatment which is expensive. Time to fall off Skin tags is depend on the it’s type.

tagband skin tag remover device review

What is TagBand Skin Tag Removal?

TagBand skin tag Removal is one of the products which is very cheap as compared to visit the dermatologist. It is quite efficient and quick. Usually, there are 2 options for users based on skin tags choices:-

  1. Micro Tagband Remover for Small or Medium Skin Tags
  2. Tagband Skin Tag Removal Device for Large Skin Tags

Complete review of TagBand Skin Tag Removal

TagBand is one of the most efficient products for removing skin tags. In this, a band is placed around the part where skin tag is located. It is securely placed so that blood supply is cut. In medical terms, this is known as ligations. It is very frequently used by doctors. TagBand also contain extract of thuja occidentalis to removing the skin tag naturally.

The skin tag will automatically die if it doesn’t get blood supply for the time. As blood contains oxygen so it can’t survive without oxygen for a long time. TagBand comes up with the set of instructions and users can easily read and implement it. TagBand can be used anywhere even at face. It can remove skin tags easily.

You should also check my review of Tag away skin tags remover.

How to Use TagBand Skin Tag removing Device at Home?

The user just needs to make sure they have brought right skin tag removal product based on the skin tags they want to remove. User need to follow certain steps before using this product:-

  1. Clean the area near to skin tag and skin tag. TagBand kit contains several cleansing swabs. The user should use it and clean the surface.
  2. Put first band on the top. At least 1/5th of the part should be on the top before one start tying. Make a cone of it.
  3. Place the cone which you have prepared earlier on top of skin tags. Press it so much that it comes to normal skin level.
  4. The pressing will make sure that band itself will stalk the skin tag and it will cut the blood supply.
  5. Use your second hand and remove the length of the cone. Once band comes back tie it.
  6. One should make sure it is tied safely and tightly.
  7. The band should remain in place for some time. After sometimes skin tag will go naturally. So, one should not remove band before skin tags go away.
  8. The user need not reapply. The skin tag will look shrivelled and then it will turn darker.
  9. It is seen once skin tag removed by TagBand it doesn’t come back. It is usually seen that skin tags come again but when someone uses TagBand then skin tags doesn’t come again.

Where to Buy TagBand Device at Cheapest Price?

TagBand can easily be brought at 23$. The physician usually charges 100$ per skin tags and include visiting charge over it. So, it is quite cheap as compared to it. The user can easily buy it from Amazon. You can buy TagBank Skin Tag Removal Device from other online sites too. Make sure to use coupon codes and deal to get it at cheap online price.

You should use Demisil cream along with TagBand to Remove your Skin tags in fastest way. Let me know if you have any query regarding my review of TagBand Device. I would be more than happy to assist you.